What are 6' Miracle Solfeggio Frequencies?

6 Miraculous Solfeggio Frequencies

Guido d’Arezzo , one of the 11th century monks , developed the notes that were shaped as “ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la” at that time and formed the core of today’s music system, in order to set the melody and musical harmony in a certain arrangement. The notes take their names from the opening syllables of the lines “ Ut queant laxis Re sonare fibris, Mira gestorum , Fa muli tuorum, Sol ve polluti, La bii reatum, Sancte Iohannes” dedicated to John the Baptist . A few centuries later, “si” will be added to this note sequence and the “ut” note will turn into “do”.
In the mid-1970s, Dr. Joseph Puleo draws attention to the electromagnetic frequency of notes and begins to conduct specific research in this area. There are many speculations regarding the Solfeggio Frequencies, which have started to come to the fore again with their effects on human psychology, from the deliberate sound frequencies broadcast on the radio during the war to the special tones developed by the church to increase its own authority.

Law of Vibration

1. Ut (Do) – 396 Hz – Resistance to fear and guilt

396 Hz, which has the feature of connecting with negative emotions, focuses on calming the feelings of guilt and fear formed in the subconscious and applying psychological resistance to the individual.

2. Re — 417 Hz — Accepting and adapting to change

417 Hz is in direct interaction with the sacral chakra, therefore it is associated with the connotations of “balance” and “healing”. It is thought to strengthen the ability to adapt to the conditions of the moment without being stuck in the past.

3. Mi — 528 Hz — DNA repair, love and growth

Dr. According to Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hz is the musical mathematics of existence. Known as the love frequency, 528 is one of the most popular Solfeggio Frequencies that activates emotions and has positive effects on DNA regeneration. Mi note represents imagination and creativity.

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4. Fa — 639 Hz — Bonding and relational balance

639 Hz affecting the heart chakra; It contributes to the development of phenomena such as positivity, empathy, tolerance, commitment and togetherness. It is stated that it brings harmony to individual and environmental relations.

5. Left — 741 Hz — Expression and resolution

Associated with the power of speech and creativity, 741 Hz shows activity in issues such as self-expression, analysis, establishing cause-effect relationships, and progress towards a goal. Sol timbre is believed to clear electromagnetic radiation in cells.

6. La — 852 Hz — Return to Self

852 Hz is known as a spiritual frequency that raises awareness, reveals the hidden, is based on introspection, calming and purification. It is thought to improve spiritual awareness.
Nowadays, when many alternative methods such as sound healing and musical psychotherapy are becoming widespread, it is possible to look behind the closed doors of psychology with our own alternatives by paying more attention to timbres.




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