Do you really want to bring out the power within you?

But you will have to accept some things. You say it's okay. After all, the power within us must be 'giant', right? How beautiful! I have to intervene again. But what if the power inside you is not enough for you? You started asking questions. How great are the questions? Greek Philosophers All day long they ask questions and find answers, then ask questions again within the answers. Now my article will contain many questions and many answers. Sometimes I answer some questions and some I don't. I can leave you with questions. Or maybe you just don't care? The water is flowing anyway, my friend. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

Questions Direct Life

Some look at existing things and ask, "Why is there?" I dream of things that are not me and ask, "Why not?" Robert Kennedy

The most common now to awaken the power within us is to meditate. Capturing energy etc. Now this changes depending on your knowledge or the things you learn.

Now this meditation thing is ok but it is a long time and a really patient way. After all, why are monks bald? After all this patience and years of training, the men had no hair left. You didn’t know, did you? Absolutely kidding. Damn why are these guys bald? Here’s another question for you? But it’s a really intriguing question. But before I explain that, I have to point out a small detail here and point you there. The devil is in the details. Brothers monks, that bald man or the men in orange suits. Do you have a clear image in your memory? Imagination is a tremendous power.

Why do Buddhist monks shave their hair?

When viewed from the outside, Buddhism seems to be the religion of peace, motivation and serenity. The Buddhist monks of this religion, on the other hand, are devoted to their religion, not believing in the lie of life, which excludes themselves from worldly affairs due to their beliefs. They also cut their hair to the number 0 to avoid showing off and sometimes they can shave it. When we look at it, some buddha statues were built without hair.

You learned that there is imagery. Is it over?

I want to draw attention to one detail. This is an event that is about me and affects my future writing. However, the task falls to you here. I just started sharing my posts on Medium. There are many people who read. But there are very few people who comment or like and subscribe. If you're reading, let me know your feelings. I want to talk to you. I'm curious about your comments. I want to know if I have any deficiencies. Have you seen how I ask different questions for you or have such a point of view? by saying. I work a lot here. Share your good and bad thoughts with me. please, thank you.

Why don't monks write books and give signing ceremonies?

Now, there is another important detail. Like I said, you're going to have to change some of your thinking. Because we have been exploited until now. Yes, the British, the French, the Italians, the Russians, after the exploitation that I can't count, personal exploitation started. The purpose of these people is to use the same words with different words, or they are people who take things too far. I talked to God. They did not even refrain from doing their rudeness. They said it's secret. but they didn't even tell the real secret. We call it the friend secret. Believe it. Think of Napoleon bro, this man worked and became Napoleon. But the personal exploiters I listed above exploit us, even our minds and thoughts.

I spoke to the universe. harmony with the universe etc. My reader, have you ever been to a buddhist monk's signing ceremony? Aren't priests truly attuned to the universe? Or are there no knowledgeable priests or imams? It is time for a person who has truly captured the energy and harmony with the universe to let go of that energy and write a book. They said now is the time to make money from this business? I don't think you will have a problem with being among the best-selling books. If it was like that. The monks would come down from the mountains. They've all written books.

The woman above, who thinks she is the Author, would it be a book with a charm? The author of the book claimed that it could be Tuğçe Işınsu. He said with a video that you should read the book and don’t give it to your relatives, everyone should buy it separately. “It’s not expensive anyway, 32 liras in the store” … Scammer?

Writers who want to be the best shepherds are in every bookstore.

I have a suggestion for you. Take a look at these personal book writers, have they really had a successful life? before or after.There has been no tangible success before. Often they got bored in a business or they wanted to write a book and got a big or normal sale and so on. You are in harmony with the universe. You are connected to the cosmos. Either he has access to all the information that connects to the cosmos, the universe. Yes there is. Anyone who denies the contrary does not know this business. Could these people be scientists? Have these guys really found an answer to the earth or the universe? I saw what they found and tried to master it. People want to be shepherds. Yes, they are looking for sheep. Are you truly forward-lit? I don’t think they care. There are people who take personal exploitation and exaggerate it. The man has written 10 books, there are 15 books written. The titles of the books are similar to the Lord of the Rings series.. Well my friend, what’s not enough for you? May your eyes be full. Your hand is used to it. Think like this, think like this. Calm down, clear your head, we’ll take off. It’s easy! 20 such books have been written.

The 20th series of the secret book is in all bookstores.

Isn't it open? Self-development is one's self-learning and one's own journey. The conditions in which someone else lives and lives do not have the same effects on you. Be the first to learn yourself on this journey. Know yourself. Don't give these people a chance.

I should have explained that. These are my truths and yours too. But if you look into it or look at the details I showed you. You don't buy a book series like the lord of the rings series or any other shepherd author. There are many works that do not impose an opinion on you, but share a knowledge, science, research, or new journal.

Will Machines Dream for Us?

Image is an important part of life. But they are trying to kill him too. In the future we will have no imagination. The metaverse craze has begun. We were great with the real world. We learned everything. We haven't even fully figured out space. Don't we know the seas at all? We don't really know our world. But Now we will conquer the Virtual world. They are not aware of the danger. We came here with our imagination. Yes, we came here with that great power. Da vinci wanted to fly. He drew it and invented it. We did. He wrote Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. We built submarines. Can Alan Turing think of machines? published his article. Currently there are machines that react faster than us and have a very low error rate. So they passed us. Quantum computers will remain child's play. Now our imagination will fade. Programs written for us will now guide us and create reality for us with their own algorithms. Algorithms now think they have it under control in the hands of companies. In the future, algorithms will manage and guide them first, and then the entire audience. Be immortal in this article. Because in the future, a strong artificial intelligence that scans the internet world fast will read this article. Their universe will be here. Links. That giant spider web is here, here.

We built a thinking machine. We made it. By Reaching All Sciences, he will learn that in reality Man is a great danger. Later…

More to come.. Don't forget to share your ideas. Take care of yourselves!



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