Are Solfeggio Frequencies Really Effective?

Solfeggio Frequencies are nothing new. In ancient times it is possible to see him in those frequencies that were created in shamanic or church rites, he was a healer or a peaceful doctor or a fighter for exorcising evil spirits or demons.


Solfeggio Frequencies are a 6-note scale. Churches that use these frequencies are considered by the Creator to have used these notes in the creation of the World. It is very interesting, if we saw such a scholar or someone doing this in our age, we would call him an ignorant, charlatan or ignorant. So, are you satisfied with the current situation? I don’t think drug dealers will want to cure you. I wish we had focused entirely on the science of BioFrequency or Frequency. If we try to understand the shamans. I wish we could use the reality of vibration in that church. I don’t think we will remain dependent on an institution or a country at the moment.
In fact, since ancient times there were people who knew and used this science well. These communities have not chosen to share them. They were using this power back then.

Solfeggio Frequencies of 963 hz

Studying the frequencies, Dr. Joseph Puleo conducted his research in the years 1970–1980 and rediscovered his knowledge of Solfeggio Frequencies. “DNA depends on collective memory, everything is a whole,” he said, devoting himself to studying the effect of frequencies on DNA activation. Considering that the frequencies were deliberately destroyed by the church, Dr. Joseph Puleo accelerated his studies with the vision he saw. he determined the healing effects of the frequency 528hz on DNA .

Healing. Codes for the Biological Apocalypse,” Dr. Joseph Puleo

Known for his work on AIDS and its vaccines, Dr. In his book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, which he wrote with Leonard G. Horowitz, published in 1999, he wrote that Solfeggio Frequencies were created by a kind of numerology method. In his Bible study, he argued that a series of sacred numbers 3, 6, and 9 were models of a repetitive code.

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Was Tesla right?

When he deciphered them using the Pythagorean method, he revealed 6 electromagnetic sound frequencies, corresponding to the missing 6 tones of the old Solfeggio scale. “3, 6 and 9 are fundamental root vibrations of Solfeggio frequencies.” concluded. This existence also reminds us of the words of the great inventor Nicola Tesla, whose time does not value as it should; “If you knew the magnificence and importance of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to open the doors of the Universe.” Of course, in addition to this, we have also heard the following words; “If you want to find the secret of the universe, you have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


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Albert Einstein said, “We are all wrong about matter. There is no such thing as substance. What we call matter is the energy reduced in vibrations so that we can perceive it with our senses. “ he says. Everything is interrelated. The Physicist Dr.Everything is consciousness, “ Fred Wolf said, “ when you observe an object, at some point the object is also observing you.”

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Wait! Wait! wait, were we saying that the solfeggio frequencies are really effective?

Hey come on! Everyone and Everything is vibrating. The work done here is really important information. But you don’t see it at school. You will not find it in the Council of the European Union or in the constitutions of countries. If you have the necessary knowledge in a stationary system. They simply do not remain in the knowledge. You’re waking up to a new world. Shamans in ancient times had many talents. protects from evil spirits. It heals the sick. They knew what the patient was sick about. They did not receive medical education. Do you think that’s how these people left the world, the inhabitants of the Mu continent or Atlantis? Or is it a different size now? There are many questions.

No substance? Where is the truth for us?
Improbable Alpha Frequency — 3.6.9 Tesla Variants

Solfeggio Frequency

01–174 Hz — Basic
02–285 Hz — Quantum cognition
Ut — 396 Hz — Turning grief into joy
Re — 417 Hz — Accelerate the adaptation
Mi — 528 Hz — Transformation and miracles
Fa — 639 Hz — Connections and better
Sol — 741 Hz — Self-identification and access to the solution
La — 852 Hz — Return to the Spiritual State
09–963 Hz — Numerous harmonies

-Solfeggio scale
Positive Aura Builder — Frequency and Vibration Coordination

In ancient times, nature sounds were used to tune DNA. The timbre would penetrate into their subconscious dehliz, healing and transformation would be achieved. Each frequency corresponds to a certain color and a certain chakra, according to which treatment would be carried out.

For example, our heart chakra is green.The heart is the chakra of love. Green, Gaia color. I mean, Mother Nature. Our heart vibrates at a green frequency.yesilmaz I think that the ancient Turkish shamans were the ones who respected this information the most. According to the folklorist academic writer Mihály Hoppál, who has many books and articles on the subject of shamanism and the history of religions, echolu, reflective sounds should be considered the beginning of music. Accordingly, the music that Shamans use in their rituals{Cams}{sounds, songs} are the first musical works. They used these frequencies in their treatment rites. Hoppál said, “every shamanic melody is a melody of an auxiliary soul, having an animalistic form.” says.

Representative Shamanic Clothing

As it turned out, everything created is interconnected with each other. They affect each other. The universe speaks to individuals. It speaks through frequencies. Resonance is the universe’s favorite form of communication. Here, in order to perceive this language of the Universe again, we must heal our DNA as much as possible and achieve harmony.

I would be happy to finish with the words of that beautiful person.

“If you want to understand the mystery of the universe; think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla




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